Review Policy

If you’d like me to read and review your book then please do not hesitate to get in touch over on the contact page. Below I’ve included a list of my favourite genres, however I am open to ‘something different’ occasionally as I am very much a mood reader. Please also note that all reviews are my honest opinion.

Currently I only accept physical books direct from a publisher. However, I am willing to accept kindle/epub documents – but I must stipulate that these include a front cover so I am able to take photographs to fit nicely into my ‘Bookstagram’ account, as this is where I heavily promote my blog posts. I am also happy to post my reviews onto Goodreads, and Amazon if you wish.

img_6522If you’d like to get in touch regarding products you wish to feature on my Instagram page, then feel free to send me an email where I am more than happy to discuss your requirements, I love getting creative with my photos so I’d be happy to showcase them through my photos and I’ll also be happy to write a blog post with my honest review.

Favourite Genres:

  • Fairytale/Retelling
  • Thriller/Mystery/Crime
  • Chick Lit/Romance
  • Mythology
  • YA/Fantasy/New Adult

Currently I am not accepting review copies for the following genres: True Crime, Religious or Autobiography.

Please also note that I work full-time, so be sure to include in your email when you wish to have your book read and reviewed by so I can be sure this is achievable.